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M N Abdulmajeed

Managing Director
Ardent Trading
Address: P.O.Box: 874 Manama
Tel:+973 3912 1990
Fax:+973 7712 1990
Email: ardenttrading874@gmail.com

M P Ramanathan

Modern Art Studio W.L.L.
Address: P.O.Box: 75 Manama
Tel:+973 1721 4423
Fax:+973 1721 4425
Email: reghu@masbahrain.com

M P Subhalal

Vision Security Systems B.S.C. (C)
Address: P.O.Box: 1073 Manama
Tel:+973 1771 5651
Fax:+973 1774 2840
Email: vissec@batelco.com.bh
Website: www.visionbahrain.com

Maher Al Shaer

Diyar Al Muharraq W.L.L.
Address: P.O.Box: 75777 Manama
Tel:+973 7715 5555
Fax:+973 7705 5555
Email: info@diyar.bh
Website: www.diyar.bh

Maher Habib Al Ansari

Maher Contracting Est. (MCE) W.L.L.
Address: P.O.Box: 50571 Manama
Tel:+973 1782 7970
Fax:+973 1782 7971
Email: maher.contacting@yahoo.com
Website: www.mcebahrain.com

Maher Mohammad Ali Abul

General Manager
Gulf General Lift Systems W.L.L.
Address: P.O.Box: 38384 Manama
Tel:+973 1753 7944
Fax:+973 1753 7966
Email: magicman@batelco.com.bh

Maher Salman Al Musallam

Gulf Air B.S.C. (C)
Address: P.O.Box: 138 Manama
Tel:+973 1722 2820
Fax:+973 1722 4494
Email: Legal.Affairs@gulfair.com
Website: www.gulfair.com

Mahmood Abdulaziz Al Balooshi

Managing Director
Afaq Institute Of Aviation Technology B.S.C. (C)
Address: P.O.Box: 50951 Hidd
Tel:+973 6999 0101
Fax:+973 6999 0109
Email: mahmood.albalooshi@afaq-aerotech.com
Website: www.afaq-aerotech.com

Mahmood Abubaker Janahi

Icons Real Estate Holding Company B.S.C. (C)
Address: P.O.Box: 20347 Manama
Tel:+973 1750 2000
Fax:+973 1750 0017
Email: mjanahi@marina-west.com

Mahmood Ahmed Al Namlaiti

Managing Director
Abayat Al Namlaiti W.L.L.
Address: P.O.Box: 673 Manama
Tel:+973 7701 4747
Fax:+973 7702 4747
Email: namlaity@batelco.com.bh
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