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Panos Panagis

General Manager
The Diplomat Radisson Blu Hotel, Residence & Spa
Address: P.O.Box: 5243 Manama
Tel:+973 1753 1666
Fax:+973 1753 0843
Email: info.diplomat@radissonblu.com
Website: www.radissonblu.com

Pearl Hernandez

Managing Director
Pronto D?cor W.L.L.
Address: P.O.Box: 2102 Manama
Tel:+973 1722 5456
Fax:+973 1722 5461
Email: ucco@batelco.com.bh
Website: www.prontodecor.com

Peter Makepeace

General Manger
Baker Wilkins & Smith (ME) W.L.L.
Address: P.O.Box: 2005 Manama
Tel:+973 1771 2090
Fax:+973 1771 2686
Email: bwsme@bwsme.com.bh
Website: www.bwsme.com.bh

Philip Ross Daniels

General Manager
Manazel W.L.L.
Address: P.O.Box: 10614 Manama
Tel:+973 1778 6727
Fax:+973 1778 4611
Email: manazel@batelco.com.bh
Website: www.manazelbahrain.com

Pierre Choueiry

Commercial Manager
E.C.E Group Co W.L.L
Address: P.O.Box: 20178 Manama
Tel:+973 1720 0116
Fax:+973 1720 0119
Email: pierre@ecegroups.com
Website: www.ecegroups.com

Pierre Vasseur

General Manager
Al Areen Palace & Spa
Address: P.O.Box: 75055 Manama
Tel:+973 1784 5000
Fax:+973 1784 5001
Email: alareen@alareenpalace.com
Website: www.alareenpalace.com

Poulose Kuriakose

General Manager
Your Home Trading Co. W.L.L.
Address: P.O.Box: 15053 Manama
Tel:+973 1723 3994
Fax:+973 1723 2993
Email: yourhometrading@gmail.com

Prakash Devji

Managing Director
Bhaskar Devji Company W.L.L.
Address: P.O.Box: 1428 Manama
Tel:+973 1745 3245
Fax:+973 1722 3839
Email: pdevji@batelco.com.bh
Website: www.devji.com

Prem Kumar

Vice President - Finance & Admin
AGAS International W.L.L.
Address: P.O.Box: 15360 Manama
Tel:+973 1782 2240
Fax:+973 1782 2241
Email: info@agasintl.com
Website: www.agasintl.com

Puravangara Unnikrishnan

Chairman & Managing Director
Strategic Publicity & Advertising Co W.L.L.
Address: P.O.Box: 75538 Manama
Tel:+973 1727 0710
Fax:+973 1725 6470
Email: chairman@spacwll.com
Website: www.spacwll.com

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