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V K Rajassekharan Pillai

Managing Director
National Fire & Safety W.L.L.
Address: P.O.Box: 11645 Manama
Tel:+973 1753 1277
Fax:+973 1753 1288
Email: rajasekharanpillai@hotmail.com
Website: www.nfsafety.com

V P Syam

Sales Manager
Bright Line Electrical & Electronics W.L.L.
Address: P.O.Box: 24594 Manama
Tel:+973 1729 2157
Fax:+973 1729 2156
Email: bright.line@yahoo.com
Website: www.brightlinebh.com

Varghese Kurian

Chairman & Managing Director
Al Namal Group B.S.C.
Address: P.O.Box: 1713 Manama
Tel:+973 1725 1444
Fax:+973 1724 2332
Email: namalco@batelco.com.bh
Website: www.al-namal.com

Ved Prakash

General Manager
Best Western Al Olaya Suites Hotel
Address: P.O.Box: 75845 Manama
Tel:+973 1716 1616
Fax:+973 1716 1617
Email: gm@bestwesternolaya.com
Website: www.bestwesternolaya.com

Veer Arjun Passi

Kalaam Telecom B.S.C.
Address: P.O.Box: 21421 Manama
Tel:+973 1616 8686
Fax:+973 1616 8688
Email: support@kalaam-telecom.com
Website: www.kalaam-telecom.com

Vijay Boloor

Managing Director
Gajria Holdings W.L.L.
Address: P.O.Box: 305 Manama
Tel:+973 1755 6979
Fax:+973 1755 6110
Email: vijayb@batelco.com.bh
Website: www.gajrias.com

Vikash Sharma

Country Head
Icici Bank
Address: P.O.Box: 1494 Manama
Tel:+973 1757 6161
Fax:+973 1722 1200
Email: bahrain@icicibank.com
Website: www.icicibankbahrain.com

Vinay Dewan

Bramco W.L.L.
Address: P.O.Box: 20260 Manama
Tel:+973 1725 0954
Fax:+973 1727 2725
Email: bramco@batelco.com.bh
Website: www.bramcogroup.com

Vineeth Neelakanta

Delta Construction Co W.L.L.
Address: P.O.Box: 30176 Manama
Tel:+973 1772 8037
Fax:+973 1772 8293
Email: info@delconco.com
Website: www.delconco.com

Vipin Kumar

General Manager
Awal Press W.L.L.
Address: P.O.Box: 744 Manama
Tel:+973 7771 1777
Fax:+973 1787 9991
Email: awal@awalpress.com
Website: www.awalpress.com

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