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Yahya Nooruddin

CEO & Board Member
T'azur Company B.S.C. (C)
Address: P.O.Box: 31600 Manama
Tel:+973 1756 1661
Fax:+973 1756 1669
Email: info@tazur.com
Website: www.tazur.com

Yaqoob Maklai

Maklai Trading Company W.L.L.
Address: P.O.Box: 899 Manama
Tel:+973 1771 6199
Fax:+973 1771 5647
Email: sasi@maklaigroup.com
Website: www.maklaigroup.com

Yasser Bahaa

General Manager
Mercure Grand Hotel Seef
Address: P.O.Box: 18084 Manama
Tel:+973 1758 4400
Fax:+973 1758 4401
Email: H5685-GM@accor.com
Website: www.mercurebahrain.com

Yassir Albaharna

Arab Insurance Group B.S.C. (C)
Address: P.O.Box: 26992 Manama
Tel:+973 1754 4444
Fax:+973 1753 1155
Email: info@arig.com.bh
Website: www.arig.net

Yogesh Naraindas Bhatia

Managing Director
Falcon Trading Co W.L.L.
Address: P.O.Box: 2509 Manama
Tel:+973 1773 7077
Fax:+973 1773 5077
Email: faltra@batelco.com.bh
Website: www.falcontradingco.com

Younis Abdulla Aljama

Abdulla A. Aziz Aljama Co. W.L.L.
Address: P.O.Box: 22135 Manama
Tel:+973 1732 2553
Fax:+973 1733 1676
Email: info@aljama.com
Website: www.aljama.com

Yousef Hamed Mashal

Managing Director
Mashal Group W.L.L.
Address: P.O.Box: 26694 Manama
Tel:+973 1783 0500
Fax:+973 1783 0189
Email: yousefmashal@mashalchemicals.com
Website: www.mashalchemicals.com

Yousif Abdulhameed Khonji

Managing Director
Mohammad Tayeb Khonji & Sons Co. W.L.L.
Address: P.O.Box: 33 Manama
Tel:+973 1721 4747
Fax:+973 1721 4646
Email: yousif.khonji@gmail.com

Yousif Abdulla Ameen

National Trading House W.L.L.
Address: P.O.Box: 372 Manama
Tel:+973 1773 6363
Fax:+973 1773 6262
Email: nattrad@batelco.com.bh
Website: www.nattrad.com

Yousif Abdulla Fakhro

Managing Director
Fakhro Electronics W.L.L.
Address: P.O.Box: 39 Manama
Tel:+973 1722 0000
Fax:+973 1722 5000
Email: yousif@fakhro.com
Website: www.fakhro.com

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